Creative Minds & Talented Performers

  • Creators of VEGAS! THE SHOW


    Only a talented team can envision the best shows in Las Vegas. A producer is needed to start the show, a choreographer to create the dance numbers, set designers to make the stage glamorous, a director to lead the show, and a composer to create the music to make their shows the grand spectacle they envision. They spent years learning their craft, mastering, and perfecting it to create the greatest musical productions to ever hit the Strip. Meet the creators behind VEGAS! THE SHOW.

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    It was a great show. Takes you back to "old Vegas" which I loved. Costumes, sets, and choreography were Broadway-level quality. The tap dancing brothers were absolutely phenomenal.

    Jenny I, Yelp

  • Vegas Singers and Stars

    Singers and Stars

    The best musical isn't a musical at all without its amazing cast. The best and highly recognized stage actors around the world gives nothing but A-List performance as they play the greatest entertainers that ever took residence in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Get to know some of cast that made VEGAS! THE SHOW the musical spectacular in the greatest city on earth.

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    A fantastic show in an intimate setting which highlights a superb band supporting an immensley talented group of singers, dancers, and artists with amazing and unique skill sets.

    ArmyGuy2015, TripAdvisor

  • Vegas Dancers


    As much as we love to see the singers perform their numbers front and center on stage, the dancers are what really make the show shine. Their moving performances are what make stage shows as enjoyable as any show from one end of the sea to the other. VEGAS! THE SHOW features the best dancers to play as classic showgirls to the legendary Lady Luck. Find out more about the amazing people from around the world that adds that icing to the most spectacular show in the entire city.

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    Never a dull moment. Incredible dancers that never stop. I'm not big on Vegas shows but recommend this one who wants to experience everything Vegas has been and is.

    Joe M, TripAdvisor

  • Vegas Specialty Acts

    Specialty Acts

    The top Las Vegas shows brings in specialty acts from around the world. The city brought in the best singers and dancers to earn its famous title, but it wasn't until this variety of specialty acts came in where Vegas truly became known as the Entertainment Capital of the World. VEGAS! THE SHOW brings in the best variety acts from around the world to show the audience the greatest time of their life. Get to know some of the specialty acts that rotate with every show.

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    I made it back to Vegas with my hubby and both of us love the show! This show is as good as ever and their dancer and singer's performance standard is probably the best on the strip!

    Claire L, Yelp