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    The Best Show in Las Vegas

    VEGAS! THE SHOW opens with an incredible display of all the neon signs that once topped some of the Strip's most historic hotels. Now calling the "Neon Graveyard" home, these signs are soon brought to life again by "Ernie", the caretaker, who wants to show all Las Vegas audiences what true entertainment really is.

    Never a dull moment. Incredible dancers that never stop. I'm not big on Vegas shows but recommend this one who wants to experience everything Vegas has been and is.

    Joe M, - TripAdvisor

    VEGAS! THE SHOW is an exciting musical story of all the Las Vegas legends that graced the stages at some of the top hotels on the Strip. Lena Horne, Siegfried and Roy, Gladys Knight, and many more grace the stage to perform some of their greatest hits. One of the last shows on the Strip featuring the iconic Las Vegas showgirls, VEGAS! THE SHOW is truly the musical staple of the Las Vegas Strip.

    Containing all the aspects of a true Broadway show, VEGAS! THE SHOW depicts everything that screams Las Vegas in the most grandiose way possible!